Athlete Conduct:

We feel it is important that we our young wrestlers operate in a respectful manner; this is expected at both practices and competitions.  Specifically, respecting the coach by listening during instruction and attempting the drills.  Respecting the wrestling facilities by following the rules and using equipment in the proper manner.  Respecting your fellow wrestlers by being a good partner and not distracting others as they try to learn from and listen to coaches.

The sport of wrestling is exciting and fun.  The CWC will scale the sessions to ensure they are age appropriate to keep kids of all ages engaged.  However it is important that the young athletes learn to respect the rules, coaching staff, and their peers so that we can ensure a safe, fun, and informative experience for all of our athletes.

Athletes in Need:

The CWC does not want a difficult financial situation to deter families from the opportunity to have their children have fun and learn the life lessons inherent to wrestling. If such a difficulty exists please reach out to the CWC personnel so that we can work with you to enable this opportunity for your child.

Parent Involvement:

We encourage and appreciate parent involvement in the CWC, this is particularly important for the Pee-Wee and young Elementary wrestlers who may need extra assistance stay focused and practice the drills.  However, to ensure the safety of our athletes we ask that any parent that wants to assist on the mat will (1) coordinate with and reinforce the techniques being taught by the CWC staff, and (2) ensure that they have a USA Wrestling coaches card (which can be obtained for relatively low fee and requires a USAW a background check).

Spectator Conduct During Practice:

We encourage parents to enjoy watching their children learn and grow as wrestlers during practice.  However, we ask that parents will please refrain from loud conversations and other distracting activities during practice.  Wrestling rooms can be hectic with the coaching and drilling, as such additional distractions can deleteriously influence the ability of the athletes to focus and learn.  We also respectfully ask for the same quiet and non-distracting behavior from younger siblings.

Concussion Policy:

Parents are urged to take their child out of any athletic activity immediately and obtain prompt medical attention if they suspect that the child has sustained a concussion.   This is true both in practice and during competition.  Following the policies of local high schools, the CWC reserves the right to remove a child out of CWC affiliated athletic activity immediately upon a suspicion of a concussion.  In these scenarios the decision of the coach is final regardless of the wishes of the parent or child to continue.